Multi Stage Multi Outlet Fire Pumps (LMM series)


  • The Lubi LMM pumps shall be designed and developed for high pressure fire fighting operation in multi storeyed buildings.
  • The multi outlet feature allows the same pump to deliver water at different heads which reduces the necessity of multiple pumps for fire fighting in multi-storeyed buildings.
  • The Pump Diffuser Casings, Impellers as well as Suction and Delivery Housings are optimally designed and developed using Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Software.
  • All Pump Castings including Diffuser Casings, and Bearing Housings are made of High Strength Cast Iron (Grade FG260) or Ductile Iron to ensure that they can work in extreme field conditions.
  • The standard direction of rotation is clockwise as viewed from the driving end.
  • Less space for pump house, Lower cost of equipment, Low electrical power demand, Lower maintenance cost, Less space required for water tank, Less vibration & noise at zone level, No approach issue

Variety & Range

  • Flow Range: 380 m3/h
  • Head Range: Up to 460 metres
  • Maximum No. of Outlets: 4


School Building



Commercial Buildings


Chemical Industry